the way we think about kitchens

One of the main things that separates boform from others is the way we think about kitchens. From the very beginning, boform’s approach has been to create unity in its designs. boform believes that a kitchen should present itself as a beautiful piece of furniture - especially when it is not in use. The kitchen is an integrated part of the residence and must work in support of and dialogue with the surroundings. Behind the facade lie the technical functions and the usability. This goes without saying, but functionality remains a core competency that we pride ourselves on.



sophisticated simplicity
Over the course of more than 35 years, boform’s skilled cabinetmakers in Aalborg have created tailor-made solutions for the entire residence.  We maintain an unwavering belief in the demand for products of uncompromising quality and stellar craftsmanship. Functional design and luxurious carpentry details combined with the usage of materials like natural stone, noble metals, lacquer and beautiful veneers form the essence of boform’s underplayed elegance. Together with our skilled architects we do whatever we can to realise dreams and provide exciting interior experiences.



subtle details product


There are several reasons for describing the boform product as one with subtle details. Our choice of materials is - and has always been - of indisputably high quality. We work towards goal-oriented solutions where the product experience will, both functionally and aesthetically, be ofthe highest degree. A very important process is the adaptation of veneering solutions where the veneer is laid up, examined, and quality checked with regard to the structure and grain patterns in the wood. All fronts are veneered and numbered so that the veneer has a coherent sequence in the wood grain patterns. This unique method means that the finished kitchen receives both a harmonized grain pattern and a uniform color nuance in the chosen fixtures’ arrangement.



boform's universe
boform is focused on lasting solutions with regards to look and function as opposed to getting caught up in passing trends. Our three product lines - line, frame and infinity - come in every conceivable kind of veneer and lacquer with a lasting finish and surfaces at every gloss level.

frame is boform’s take on the classic “cosy kitchen”, inspired by the timeless design philosophy that made Danish design a permanent fixture throughout the world half a century ago. The front frame around the doors is fitted on the spot and is flush with the fronts, providing the classic kitchen with a sleek look.

A reinterpretation of tradition

infinity is the product line with an unlimited range - from tight minimalism to romantic idyll with no limits when it comes to style or materials. We work with unconventional combinations of materials and processing methods such as dyed, handlaid herringbone veneer.

line has gone through a gentle evolution from open line, where the front is gripped directly, to line’s milled grips. line ONE is the latest version of the classic model and appears, thanks to new grip details and unbroken lines, as a piece of furniture that ties the room together. line - a classic among copies.

Boundless alternatives

A modern classic

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