quality and manufacturing


Quality means much more than what meets the eye. Our products are meticulously crafted down to the smallest of details. Quality to us means having full control throughout the manufacturing process all the way to our customers. All manufacturing of fixtures and fittings is carried out in Denmark. We maintain strict quality control and measurement of consistency of supply within the factory. It goes without saying that all our products are approved with regards to the applicable standards of quality and production.




There are several reasons for boform’s reputation for having an eye for detail. The choice of materials is, and has always been, of the highest quality. We target complete solutions where the product experience is as functionally and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Examples of our thorough production methods are




 Painted and high-gloss lacquered surfaces get 3 coats of formaldehyde free 2-component polyurethane in gloss levels ranging from 0 to 90. Surface treatment of the units is carried out by trained lacquerers and the lacquering process takes up to three weeks. High gloss surfaces are manually polished for a perfect finish. Matt lacquered units are finished with a clear coating to make the surfaces resistant to wear and tear and greasy fingers. This is a time-consuing process, but it ensures that a lacquered product from boform is easy to clean and that the durability is as high as possible.




When making veneer solutions, a very important part of the process consists of laying out the veneer and sorting it according to the tree’s grain structure. Fronts are veneered and numbered to create a coherent look. This unique method ensures that the finished kitchen has a harmonious grain structure and a uniform colour nuance in the given layout. Light tone veneer is preprocessed manually using white oil. Surfaces are given 3 coats of formaldehyde free clear lacquer in gloss levels ranging from 0 to 90. This finish ensures a first-class result.




Drawers are made using 12 mm solid wood that are doweled and glued and given two coats of clear lacquer for optimal stability and durability. Drawer slides are maintenance-free and self-closing using concealed all metal ball bearings and a nylon undermount for silent control. All hinges and slides are adjustable and feature the Soft Close function. Drawers are easily removed for cleaning.





The customisation of every job for the customer in question results in continually differing and unique manufactoring jobs. All our fixtures and fittings are manufactured at our manufacturing facilities in Aalborg by our trained employees that form the spine of our manufacturing. The production of the fixtures and fittings is done in an interdisciplinary manner by many experienced craftsmen. We maintain strict quality control and measurement of consistency of supply within the factory. Every employee vouches for the product they pass on for further processing. This ensures that boform’s wish to maintain a continuously high level of quality of materials and processing is kept, which is one of the cornerstones of the company. The manufacturing of fixtures and fittings from boform differs greatly from the way the mass-producing part of the industry works. A lot more craftsmanship and less factory work. Thus, our customers are guaranteed a product that can withstand many years of usage.



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