line ONE - a modern classic in Nordic materials


line ONE is the latest version of line and comes across as a piece of furniture that ties the room together. Alvar Aalto has inspired the bright, Nordic materials such as the beautiful Calacatta marble, the burnished brass faucets, the tombak panel on the rear wall and the bright birchwood. The kitchen island looks as if cut out of a massiv block of marble. The island and rear wall stone is bookmatched so the grain pattern is mirrored. The rear wall in the modern kitchenette is broken up by the level jumps in marble and burnished brass. The lower part of the rear wall features a highly functional tray while the upper half conceals a band of light that shines on the golden panel in the middle. When the parallel doors by the kitchenette are closed, the rear wall appears as a calm and uniform surface which offers a way to hide pots and pans when entertaining guests.

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